Sluga no longer head of SMC deputy group

Janja Sluga, the head of the deputy group of the Modern Centre Party, spoke to reporters after a coalition meeting .

Ljubljana – Gregor Perič has replaced Janja Sluga as the chair of the Modern Centre Party’s (SMC) deputy group after three SMC deputies, Sluga and Speaker Igor Zorčič included, voted in favour of the ouster of Culture Minister Vasko Simoniti, signalling a rift in the deputy group.

News of the replacement comes after forecasts that three SMC deputies will formally join forces with one former deputy of the Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS), Jurij Lep, to form a new faction without party affiliation.

Lep confirmed today he had already left the DeSUS deputy group. Unofficial information indicates he will be joined by Zorčič, Sluga and a third SMC deputy, Branislav Rajić.