Sole bid for construction of women’s prison too high

Ljubljana – The planned construction of a new women’s prison in Ig, south of Ljubljana, could be delayed after the Justice Ministry declared that the sole bid for construction works exceeded the available budget amidst soaring prices of construction services.

By the end-April deadline the ministry received just one offer, a joint bid by Kolektor Koling and CPG worth EUR 42.25 million including VAT, whereas the government estimated the project at EUR 35.9 million.

The ministry will now issue a new call for bids, a two-step procedure with a pre-qualification round and a second round featuring only bidders who are designated as qualified, according to a notice posted on the official e-procurement portal.

Ig, Slovenia’s only incarceration facility for women, is currently located in an old castle that is deemed unfit for modern prison standards.

The project involved a new building housing temporary detention and high-security prison facilities, plus renovation of the castle, which would house the management and the open and semi-open prison wards.