Sounds of stone reverberating through Štanjel

Štanjel – The picturesque Kras village of Štanjel will reverberate with the sounds of stone instruments and other “strange things” this week during its specific annual international festival.

Organised for the third year by Slovenian Percussion Project (SToP), Sound of Stone will be exploring unheard sound landscapes from Sunday to Friday.

The idea is delve deeper into the essence of sound, into its frequencies and its impact on human beings with the motto of this year’s gatherings being I feel the sound.

The festival will be headlined by Jochen Fassbender, the German artist who creates sound with his own sound objects and musical instruments. These will be on display at the Lojze Spacal Gallery, the Square Tower, the Kamenica Sound Gallery as well as outdoors.

This year the festival is focused on experiential workshops. All visitors are invited as they do not need any prior knowledge, just an openness to feeling, primarily sound, the organisers say.

The first and the last festival day will feature a drum circle for families, where everyone will be able to join in the drumming. Children in particular are invited to a concert dubbed Power of Stone.

There will be other concerts, including a dance one, as well as guided tours.