Sovre Prize for best literary translation goes to Marjanca Mihelič

Ljubljana – Marjanca Mihelič has won this year’s Sovre Prize for her translation of the collection of short stories Megy a világ (The World Goes On) by Hungarian writer Laszlo Krasznahorkai. Mihelič has demonstrated a precise and uncompromising understanding of the text’s many layers, said the Association of Slovenian Literary Translators.

The World Goes On is a philosophically inspired collection of short stories that deals with characters pushed to the edge in various ways and portrays the unfathomable complexity of the world, said the publisher Beletrina.

The judging panel stated that Mihelič had succeeded in translating the complex philosophical text through an appropriate, meaningful rhythmic structure, thus enabling the reader to smoothly follow the author’s flow of thought.

They considered this translation to be one of her greatest achievements, as she had “successfully combined her translating skills and a deep fusion with the author’s thought and poetics”.

In addition to previously translating several Hungarian works, Mihelič also wrote the novel Budimpeštatrans and compiled a Slovenian-Hungarian dictionary.

This year’s Sovre Prize will be the first to be awarded to a translation from Hungarian. It will be presented on 22 October at the Anton Sovre Library in Hrastnik.

Last year, the Sovre Prize went to Aleksandra Rekar for her translation of Bosnian-Croatian writer Miljenko Jergović’s historical fiction novel Rodbina, translated into English as Kin.