Task force established to coordinate assistance to Ukraine

Ljubljana – The government has establish an inter-ministerial task force to coordinate assistance to Ukraine, including the collection, storage, transportation and handover of humanitarian and technical aid to the affected population in the country.

It will also coordinate the reception, accommodation and care of refugees from Ukraine if the capacity of the Government Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants is exceeded, the Defence Ministry said in a press release after Thursday’s correspondence session of the government.

“Given the current situation in Ukraine and the continuation of the Russian aggression, the crisis is expected to take a while,” the ministry said, noting the need for a coordinated approach and inter-ministerial cooperation.

The task force comprises the defence minister as its head, a state secretary at the Defence Ministry and the head of the Defence Affairs Directorate as deputy heads, representatives of the Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants, of the ministries of foreign affairs, interior, economy, health, labour, and representatives of the Government Communication Office and of the national intelligence and security agency.