The Right to Health: What Would It Mean in the Future?

Dr. Andraž Teršek is a Professor of Constitutional Law, Theory and Practice of Social State, Law and Ethics in Education and Media Law

I remember a monologue of a good actor in a perfectly played side role of an average Hollywood movie. He played a successful surgeon. When addressing one of his patients he expressed a thought on his Devine status: “You ask me if I consider myself a god? No, when I enter the operating room, I don’t consider myself a god. Not even when I’m saving your life. (leans forward with his body, looks penetratingly into his interlocutor’s eyes – op. cit.) I AM GOD! And I AM YOUR GOD!” His interlocutor did not object to him in the film. I wouldn’t either. I admit it. And I didn’t object when a heart surgeon saved my father’s life.