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The Team

CEO and Publisher

  • Brane Krajnik

Editorial Consultant and Proofreading:

  • Louise Chatwood

Digital Editor / Communication Hub Host:

  • Tonja Blatnik

Web Content Manager:

  • Rok Vene

Editorial department


  • Tina Drolc,
  • Maja Bednas,
  • Simon Valentan,
  • Ludwig Heinz,
  • Karen Vartapetov,
  • Himani Joshi,
  • Charles Nonne,
  • Boštjan Lajovic,
  • Aleš Čakš,
  • Petra Godeša,
  • Tonja Blatnik,
  • Saša Fajmut,
  • Lucija Mulej Mlakar,
  • Iztok Petek,
  • Nataša Zajec,
  • Jasmina Kozina Praprotnik
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