Tourism board marking first anniversary as independent agency

According to STO director Maja Pak, the organisation has an eventful year behind it, as it has managed to meet all the plans for the first year of independent operation.

The STO has implemented a reorganisation plan, develop the field of digital marketing, carried out a major digital campaign on foreign markets, introduced a systemic approach to communication through social media and set up the new portal

"The major steps that have been made in the field of digital marketing are already giving excellent results," Pak has told the STA.

The STO has also upgraded business events for tour operators and journalists and started developing new markets. "The very clear and coordinated promotion of Slovenia as a green, active and healthy destination and enhanced development of innovative and sustainable products of higher added value have proven to be the right decision."

Last year was a record year for Slovenian tourism – with the number of overnight stays exceeding 10 million and revenue from tourism amounting to EUR 2.4bn. "The positive trend continues and proves that tourism is an important economic activity with high potential for further growth," Pak stressed.

The STO operated as an independent agency until 2012, when it was merged together with the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investment (JAPTI) and the Technology Agency (TIA) into the SPIRIT public agency for entrepreneurship, internationalization, foreign investments and technology.

It was re-established as an independent organisation with a government decision that became effective on 1 August 2015.