UKC Ljubljana hospital to undergo EUR 37m renovation

Ljubljana – The main building of the UKC Ljubljana medical centre called Hospital will be renovated in an investment valued at EUR 37 million. The government has included the project in the plan of development programmes in the 2022-2025 period.

A press release issued by the Government Communication Office after a correspondence session of the government says the funds for the renovation will be secured by the Health Ministry.

The building was built in 1975 and most of it has not yet been renovated and is in a rather poor state of repair, in particular all types of installations, as well as the fittings, the ministry says in the release.

The aim is to improve the working conditions and accommodation standards for the patients, and make the infrastructure ready to support new treatment methods and energy efficiency and sustainable development goals.

The renovation will run simultaneously with energy overhaul of the building, for which the funding has been approved.

As the energy renovation and refurbishment will be held at the same time, the downtime of the work process, in this case hospital care, will be minimised, the ministry notes.