US Ambassador Must Explain Controversial Statements

"We expect a respectful attitude from friendly countries," State Secretary Bogdan Benko said in a statement after meeting Mussomeli on Thursday over his comments given in Wednesday's address to the press.

"Slovenians proved their unity in the independence war, the independence efforts united them," Benko told the ambassador, referring to Mussomeli's statement about Slovenia gaining its independence easily, the ministry said in a press release.

According to the release, the ministry is also unhappy with Mussomeli's assessment of Türk's candidacy for UN secretary general. The ambassador said that Türk is a qualified candidate with experience in the UN, but the problem is that he is dividing Slovenians.

"Mussomeli has called for unity of the nation several times, but some of his recent statements, especially regarding the candidacy of Danilo Türk for UN secretary general, are deepening the divisions," the ministry added.

The ambassador also said he fears Türk's candidacy will be a missed opportunity for Slovenia, as foreign governments are establishing that there is not even consensus on Türk in Slovenia.

Benko reiterated to Mussomeli that the Slovenian government has unanimously endorsed the former president's readiness to run for the post, "because he is a qualified candidate respected in the international community", the press release says.