US Senator brings home Slovenian dessert for Easter

Amy Klobuchar, US senator of Slovenian descent, shared an Easter Tweet of gifting her father with his favourite Slovenian dessert – a made-in-Minnesota potica.

Senator Klobuchar, a recent candidate in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries, is known for proudly keeping in touch with her family and cultural heritage having visited Slovenia a few years ago and meeting some relatives here.

Senator’s great-grandfather left Slovenia at the turn of the century and immigrated to United States where he worked as a miner in northern Minnesota.

In an interview for a Slovenian media outlet, she said she had grown up watching her grandmother making potica and listening to stories of Slovenia and her Slovenian family.

Slovenian potica is a nut roll and a traditional festive pastry from Slovenia and a recipient of EU’s Traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG) designation.