Vizjak points to green transition in address to UN Environment Assembly

Nairobi/Ljubljana – Slovenian Environment Minister Andrej Vizjak highlighted the role and potential of green investment as he addressed in a video call a virtual session of the UN Environment Assembly, which started in Kenya’s capital Nairobi on Monday.

The assembly as the governing body of the UN Environment Programme is the top global body setting priorities in environmental policy and international environmental law.

Vizjak pointed to the opportunities for investment in green post-pandemic recovery which would facilitate sustainable growth and new jobs, his ministry said in a release.

He said the recovery must focus on low-carbon and circular investment and on digitalisation, adding that Slovenia was working on a plan of concrete measures for a systemic transition to a low-carbon circular economy.

“It’s true that we live in a crisis but also in a time of opportunities where actions and post-pandemic recovery can bring benefits to both the economy and environment.”

The theme of the fifth session is strengthening actions for nature to achieve the sustainable development goals.

The aim is to encourage member states and other stakeholders to adopt ambitious steps towards a better and greener future by ensuring that investments in economic recovery after the pandemic contribute to sustainable development.

The first two-day leg of the assembly will be followed up next February with an in-person leg when more substantive matters such as draft UN resolutions will be discussed. Slovenia will take part in talks on the resolutions, especially as the EU presiding country in the second half of 2021, the ministry added.