Water tower in eastern Slovenia to become tourist spot

Brežice – A hundred-years-old water tower in the eastern town of Brežice, a prominent landmark in the region, will be renovated and turned into a sightseeing spot and tourist venue. The investment is estimated at EUR 1.9 million.

The renovation project has been given a green light recently and will aim to upgrade one of the two oldest water towers in the country.

The municipality will seek to get EU or state co-funding for the project, said Brežice Mayor Ivan Molan.

The interior as well as the exterior of the structure will be renovated. The upgrade is expected to be finished by October next year. The adjacent area, a pavilion housing a cafe, will be revamped as well.

The Brežice town hall, the local Posavje museum and an association promoting the town’s rejuvenation will join forces to realise the project.

The upgrade includes introducing a lift taking visitors to the sightseeing spot and complete renovation of all levels of the tower. The lift will be able to receive up to eight visitors and will provide access to people with disabilities as well.

Furthermore, the interior will feature posters displaying historical facts abut the tower and other information with the topic of water being the common thread throughout the building.

The tower, a piece of Slovenia’s cultural and technical heritage, was built near the remains of the medieval town wall in 1914 as part of the town’s water supply system and remained operational until 1983. Since it needed an electric motor to operate, a diesel generator was set up as well.

The 46 metre structure boasts three small balconies and is a striking feature of the town centre. Its construction plans have been lost to history as has been the name of its architect.