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Postojna Cave - Slovenia's underground paradise


A fantastic web of tunnels, passages, galleries and halls, the astonishing diversity of Karst features, as well as easy access, are certainly the main reasons for the popularity of the cave and the large number of visitors, which has already reached 36 million over the 200 years. Postojna Cave is the heart of the picturesque Slovene Karst. It was discovered, in all its grandeur, in 1818 by Luka Čeč, a local. Prior to Luka's discovery, only a very small part of the cave had been known and then a proper underground kingdom revealed itself in front of his eyes, a cave system of more than 24 kilometres with the most wonderful cave formations had its first admirer. He called out enthusiastically to his companions waiting outside: "Here is a new world, here is paradise!"

Today, Postojna Cave is famous for being one of the most diverse karst cave systems in the world, nowhere else is it possible to admire so many different subterranean karst wonders in a single cave system. Nowhere else but in Postojna where, for 140 years, visitors have been able to take a ride on a special cave train which takes you under the magnificent underground arches and through the amazing landscape dotted with playful limestone sculptures. Postojna Cave is also the cradle of a special branch of biology - speleobiology. The best know cave animal is the Proteus (also known as the olm), a pale and highly unusual creature which can grow up to 30 centimetres in length, is completely blind and lives in the subterranean world for up to an incredible 100 years.

Postojna's living Nativity - Spectacular Christmas Event in the Unique Underground Chambers, Tunnels and Galleries

Adults normally consider a Nativity scene as a reminder of a carefree childhood and the celebration of Christmas. Postojna takes advantage of the karstified land to transform the traditional Christmas festivities into a oneof-a-kind experience, full of timelessness and serenity. For over 25 years, Postojna Cave has housed the greatest underground live Nativity in the world. Extraordinary stalactites, magical lighting and musical harmonies all add up to
an almost surreal Christmas experience.

Postojna's living Nativity is the first and greatest event of its kind in Slovenia. Over the past few years, it has grown into a full-blown spectacle. At first, the event was restricted to the part of the cave known as Tartaras, but is now spread along the entire route of the cave tour, ultimately becoming a constituent of the pan-Slovenian holiday festivities. This year, the 16 biblical acts will be recreated for the twenty-sixth consecutive year. The event will take place along several kilometers of underground tunnels, galleries and chambers and it will be accompanied by the traditional play of lights and music. The musical acts will be performed by various young singers and musicians,
starring special guests, Nuška Drašček and Klemen Bunderla. The spectacular Christmas event will conclude with a performance by the Serpentes Magical Theatre (Magično gledališče Serpentes).

The holiday festivities, however, will not be restricted solely to the interior of the cave. The platform in front of the entrance to the cave will be transformed into a holiday fair where visitors will be able to get mulled wine and the traditional Slovenian holiday dish,
potica. If you haven't yet decided what presents to give your loved ones, the stands among the decorated Christmas trees will surely provide you with an idea. There is no doubt that the festivities in front of Postojna Cave will be enjoyable, fun and pleasant, so make sure you don't miss out this year.

Tours of Postojna Cave and the live Nativity will take place from 25 December to 30 December, from 1pm to 3pm each day. Groups of tourists will be admitted into the cave half

Due to increased demand, we recommend that you book tickets in advance (

No special equipment is needed but a warm sweater and comfortable shoes are required as the temperature in the cave is always around 10°C.


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