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Rules on the coverage of EU election and referendum campaigns

Pursuant to the requirements of the Election and Referendum Campaign Act, The Slovenia Times hereby publishes its rules on the coverage of the campaign for the European Parliament Elections and the referendums on assisted dying, cannabis use and the introduction of a preferential vote in the general elections, all of which take place on 9 June 2024.

During the official election and referendum campaign, which starts on 9 May and ends at midnight on 7 June, The Slovenia Times will provide coverage of major debates and issues relevant to its readers, mindful to present a fair and balanced coverage of all players in line with its independent editorial policy, the law, and professional reporting standards.

In line with the Munich Declaration, the Code of Ethics of the Slovenian Journalists' Association and the Code of Ethics of the Slovenian Press Agency, The Slovenia Times will not publish content that constitutes hate speech or defamation. Neither will it publish paid advertising related to the elections and the referendums.