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Municipalities have reported over EUR 2.7 billion in damage caused by the August floods. The data has been sent by 173 municipalities in the country that experienced flooding and is not yet final.
The municipalities were asked to do an inventory of damage to public service infrastructure facilities

Mushroom culture runs deep in Slovenia

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Mushroom foraging is an important part of Slovenian culture, to the extent that it is among the nation's favourite pastimes. And knowledge of mushrooms, built over generations, continues to expand as new species and uses for mushrooms are discovered.
Dating back to the settlement of Slovenian land
Budinci, a small village a stone's throw away from the border with Hungary in eastern Slovenia, is home to what is arguably the biggest sample plantation of fruit trees and shrubs in Europe. Owned by a Swiss expat, the plantation is all the more remarkable because it features only wild species.

Slovenian marine scientists have sounded the alarm after measuring record-high temperatures at the bottom of the sea. The phenomenon is known as a bottom marine heatwave and can have major repercussions for the ecosystem.
Scientists at the Piran Marine Biological Station of the National Institute o

Sustainable mobility still a way off

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About a hundred Slovenian municipalities are joining European Mobility Week again this year to promote sustainable ways of travel. However, despite the many initiatives and incentives to make public transport more accessible, Slovenians still largely opt for cars and the country's roads are ever mo
Nineteen quiet areas have been created within the Triglav National Park to safeguard the wild cockerel, the white-tailed ptarmigan and active raised bogs as part of a €3.7 million EU-supported habitat conservation project.
The project VrH Julijcev - Improving the Condition of Species and Habitat ty

Morigenos helps advance global whale and dolphin research

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Morigenos, a Slovenian dolphin research association, has taken part in a global project that developed a new AI tool to identify individual whales and dolphins in the wild in a bid to improve research into these marine mammals. The association contributed a large number of photos of dolphins it has
A new documentary film showing how the EU-backed Life Lynx project is trying to save the lynx population of the Dinaric and South-East Alpine regions from yet another extinction premiered at Ljubljana's Kinodvor cinema on 11 September, accompanied by the launch of two children's books on the topic.
Climate change and the increasingly warm atmosphere is having a major impact on the oceans and seas. With the Mediterranean warming up faster than the global average, the process is reflecting on the biodiversity of the Slovenian sea with researchers noticing the presence of organisms typical of th
Sand martins, a rare though not endangered bird species, made a strong comeback in Slovenia this year, but the good news has been tampered by floods in early August which destroyed a major nesting site along the Sava, on the outskirts of Ljubljana.
After only 15 pairs were spotted last summer in S
A wave of storms with heavy rains, high winds, hailstones and lightning hit Slovenia on 28-29 August, bringing an abrupt end to summer and causing disruption and flooding in several parts of the country as the scars of the devastating early August flooding are still raw.
The southwestern part of th
Following initial legislative changes to facilitate the flood relief effort, authorities in Slovenia are moving ahead to come up with much-needed additional measures to help affected people and companies. The coalition and opposition seem to be on the same page when it comes to mitigating the flood