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NLB, casinos biggest firms for sale in 2016


The wholly state-owned NLB, which was bailed out in 2016, must be sold by the end of 2017 and the procedure is expected to start in 2016.

Three casino operators - HIT, Casino Portoro┼ż, Casino Bled - are also slated for disposal, but in these companies the state holds minority stakes.

Ailing manufacturing companies are also on the list, including sock maker Polzela, footwear maker Peko and foundry MLM.

Over 30 companies are on the list in total, buy in many the state or SSH have negligible stakes.

The procedure will also involve Geoplin but does not include a straightforward privatisation.

Instead, the state plans a series of swaps leading to it gaining control of gas pipeline operator Plinovodi, with Geoplin ending in majority ownership of energy firm Petrol.

At the same time, the privatisation of the remaining companies from a list of 15 confirmed in 2013 will continue.

This includes carrier Adria Airways, chemical company Cinkarna Celje, tissue maker Paloma, and car parts maker Cimos.

SSH plans to make EUR 258m in proceeds for the sale of equity, of which the majority is attributable to stakes in direct ownership of the state.

In accordance with the law, the majority of the proceeds will be used to pay down public debt and 10% will be earmarked for a special demographic change fund.

Additionally, SSH expects to raise nearly EUR 130m from dividends in 2016.


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