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Slovenian patrol boat saved almost 600 migrants so far


The 37-member crew of the Triglav participated in five rescue actions since mid-October, including four in which migrants were taken on board the vessel.

Triglav's primary task is to prevent the trafficking in migrants, but one of its duties is also to help migrants in distress, Pečar explained.

Almost the entire crew participates in rescue if a larger number of migrants is in question, for example more than a hundred.

All migrants who are boarded on the Triglav are registered and provided medical care if necessary, and then handed over to larger ships which participate in the mission.

According to Pečar, all vessels from which the Triglav has saved migrants have been destroyed and pose no threat to traffic at sea.

The boat's crew has no powers to investigate who among the migrants is a potential smuggler, which is being done by the Italian authorities, while the crew can only give hints, he added.

The number of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean is decreasing as the weather is deteriorating and the sea is getting choppy.

Triglav is expected to conclude its mission and return to Slovenia at the end of January.


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