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Ljubljana university tightens plagiarism rules


The tightening of rules on wrongful use of works created by others was confirmed by the governing body of the University of Ljubljana on Tuesday and will become effective on 1 April of next year.

Under the new rules, every dissertation will go through software verification for plagiarism, Deputy Chancellor Goran Turk told the press.

The rules also set down that any copying or misrepresentation of work by others as one's own amounts to plagiarism, as does copying of sentences which are then rearranged or altered without reference to the source, citation of previous work lacking quotes and misleading referencing.

The tightening of plagiarism rules at Slovenia's biggest university, which has some 42,000 students, comes after a series of high profile plagiarism cases involving mostly politicians.

In the last such case, then Education Minister Klavdija Marke┼ż resigned in April, after only days in office, following revelations that her master's thesis was likely plagiarised.

A Maribor professor was meanwhile forced to resign in October as dean of the Economics Faculty in Slovenia's second-largest city, after he sold a thesis by his student as his own work to a company.


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