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SIJ publishes bid for remaining shares of Perutnina Ptuj


According to the takeover prospectus published on Thursday, SIJ is offering EUR 8 per share, with the bid being until 25 February 2016.

The takeover bid relates to more than a half of a total of 10.91 million shares of the Ptuj-based company.

The bid does not relate to the 603,184 shares or around 5% of Perutnina Ptuj stock held by Holding PMP, which was owned by the company's management before the EUR 40m capital injection by SIJ.

SIJ is now a majority owner of Holding PMP as the steel group signed option contracts with the Perutnina Ptuj management.

The success threshold has not been set, with SIJ saying that the takeover would be successful regardless of the number of shares that is to be acquired.

The company said that SIJ and Holding PMP were working together in the takeover and that the two jointly owned more than 50% of all shares with voting rights.

The option contracts that SIJ signed with Holding PMP are in focus of the ongoing police investigation into the capital injection that was carried out at the end of October.

Police are investigating whether the managers would in effect get more money for their Perutnina stock than other shareholders.

The board members of Perutnina Ptuj, including long-time CEO Roman Glaser, have offered their resignations to the supervisory board over the investigation.


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