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Pahor welcomes several hundred at presidential palace


They were welcomed by President Borut Pahor, who underscored the importance of national unity at momentous moments in history and at times of uncertainty.

The Presidential Palace as a rule opens to public on national holidays. This time around the visitors were addressed by the president as the country observes 25 years to the day when the results of the referendum in which an overwhelming majority voted for independence were declared.

While Slovenians demonstrated an unprecedented unity at the time, Pahor said today that unity could only be built around a vision. Aspiring to unity without a vision does not make sense, he said, adding that unity could only be fostered through cooperation.

The president believes the nation should turn to the future with much more curiosity, try to understand it better and fashion it to suit it better. "We are not concerned enough with plans for the future. As if we were powerless about it or as if it could be taken for granted. Neither is true."

Pahor called for making a greater effort for cooperation. It is impossible to know when the nation will face critical challenges. If they should be forced by the future in a situation when they need to assert their interests decisively again, Slovenians should know what they want and be united, he said.

The president encouraged his audience to reflect on the message of today's national holiday, appealing for mutual respect and cooperation in all walks of life. "A quarter of a century ago we formed into a nation and state in order to survive and develop."

Pahor also received the visitors in his office, chatting with them. Some of them, mainly children, presented him with small gifts such as drawings or a pot of honey, and invited him to visit them at their school. Apart from groups of schoolchildren, many families and older visitors turned out for the open day.


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