The Slovenia Times

Car industry dominates online advertising


According to the Iprom agency for online advertising, around 20 billion online advertisements were published in Slovenia last year, which is 26% more than in 2014. The agency recorded a quarter of them to be from the car industry.

"This is not surprising. Digital media is not just a manner of building and boosting confidence in car trademarks, but also an efficient tool for addressing buyers in the pre-purchase phase, which may take several months," said Andrej Ivanec, digital planning manager at Iprom.

In 2015, car advertisers used the most advanced technology for targeting consumers, said Ivanec. When addressing potential buyers, they used the most advanced advertising formats, such as mobile phone ads and videos.

With 3.5 billion advertisements published (18.3%), the promotion of online shopping placed second in online advertising.

Third place was taken by leisure and entertainment with 2.8 billion advertisements (14.6%). This shows a significant increase, compared to its 8% share in 2014.

A decrease, however, was recorded for telecommunications, which came in fourth place with 1.8 billion advertisements (9.3%) published in 2015, compared to its 17.6% share the year before.


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