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Slovenian composers celebrate 70th anniversary


The events will promote new Slovenian music which has not yet been played, which is one of the association's main missions.

A number of concerts will be held throughout the 2015/16 season, including new Slovenian compositions, older Slovenian music, and major musical pieces from abroad.

Several discussions with composers will be held to debate current issues in music, focusing primarily on Slovenian national music and its potential for young artists, opera houses, choirs, and musical production houses.

While the association in fact turned 70 on 22 December, the festive 2015/16 season began already in September and will close on World Music Day, which is observed in 140 countries, including Slovenia.

The Academy of Music will host the closing event, featuring a symposium, an exhibition, and a concert of works by the association members, the RTV Slovenija Big Band, and the RTV Slovenija Symphony Orchestra.

The anniversary will also be celebrated abroad when selected pieces of Slovenian music are played in Brussels on 15 February.

As a member of the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ESCA), the association will also host an ESCA meeting in the autumn.

Boasting a membership of around 23,000 composers from 20 European countries, ESCA monitors the development of copyrights and organises a biennial conference in Brussels.

The Society of Slovenian Composers has recently received the Order of Merits, one of the highest distinctions awarded by Slovenia for exceptional merits.

Currently it has around 100 local as well as foreign members.


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