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Building on agricultural land to be relaxed


Local authorities will be able to allow farmers to construct certain types of buildings by merely adopting a new zoning act, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food explained.

Farmers will be able to build for instance beehives, domestic animal sheds, auxiliary buildings to monitor the environment and natural phenomena, and other makeshift structures.

More limits will be put in place for what the bill terms "permanently protected land", where only greenhouses, hayracks, sheds or pasture fences could be erected.

The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry (KGZS) pushed for changes to make it easier for farmers to do their job, but is not entirely happy with them.

It had advocated a solution whereby all types of buildings needed for farming could be built on agricultural land, including on the protected land.

Since its proposal was rejected, it proposed that only "simple" or "auxiliary" buildings be built on all types of agricultural land.

Some experts meanwhile fear that the new legislation would in fact give way to the construction of holiday homes at the sea or in the woods.

As the daily Dnevnik reported on Friday, the fear is that buildings officially declared as beehives or hayracks will start mushrooming while in fact being ordinary houses.

The chamber admitted in a statement for the STA that there were such risks, but believes that an effective inspection service could prevent it.

The new bill, which was adopted on Thursday, also brings some changes to agricultural drainage.


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