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New Italian ambassador presents copies of credentials


Benčina and Trichilo labelled Slovenian-Italian relations as based on partnership and friendship, the ministry said in a press release.

The pair called for the two countries to preserve the pace of regular meetings between Slovenian and Italian officials at all levels.

They also praised close cooperation in various fields, especially in economy.

Indeed, in a statement carried by an Italian news portal, Trichilo identified energy, telecommunications and infrastructure as the areas representing the potential to upgrade the cooperation.

The new ambassador also pointed out in a statement for AISE that Italy was the fourth biggest investor in Slovenia.

Benčina and Trichilo underscored the positive role the Slovenian minority in Italy and the Italian one in Slovenia played in connecting to the states.

In a statement for AISE, the ambassador said the two minorities were "a great asset" and "an important means of strengthening the excellent bilateral relations".

The ongoing migration crisis was also on the agenda as the ambassador visited the ministry.

Trichilo is a political scientist by profession who started his diplomatic career in 1990.

He came to Ljubljana from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, where he was a diplomatic advisor, replacing Ambassador Rossella Franchini Sherifis.


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