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Opel Astra named Slovenian Car of the Year for 2016


The winner of the 24th Car of the Year contest was selected among five finalists picked from a list of models selected by readers.

As many as five of the seven car magazines, including Delo, Slovenske novice, Avto magazin, Motorevija AMZS, Dnevnik/Nedeljski dnevnik, Planet, Val 202/Avtomobilnost and Večer/Evo Magazin, picked the Astra as their favourite.

The second place went to Škoda Superb, which was followed by Mazda CX-3 and Audi A4 on the third and fourth place, respectively. The least votes among the finalists received Renault Kadjar, according to Delo.

An Opel model last won the contest in 2007 with Opel Corsa.

The award has been conferred since 1993, with the three most recent past winners being the VW Golf (2013), the Škoda Octavia (2014) and Škoda Fabia (2015).


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