The Slovenia Times

First pharmacy with virtual shelves goes online in Kranj


According to the head of the Gorenjske lekarne pharmacy chain Romana Rakovec, the renovated pharmacy can now compare to those in the most hightech markets of Europe.

"We're introducing this technology to relieve our pharmacists of some workload as they are overburdened in comparison to their European colleagues. Our priority needs to be quality counselling in regards to drugs," Rakovec highlighted.

The Kranj branch now also has a robot to help with administration and other activities, but that is not a real novelty, as over a dozen drugstores in Slovenia already have those, Rakovec noted.

She added that virtual shelves were also being introduced in other pharmacies in the country. The renovation set Gorenjske lekarne back 250,000 euros.

Head of the Kranj drugstore Tanja KeŇ°e meanwhile noted that her co-workers would no longer have to explain procedures of applying medicine, such as eye-drops, but would be able to show them to customers.


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