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Bilingualism in minority areas reviewed in parliament


While bilingualism rules are broadly implemented in the regions around Koper, where the Italian community lives, and Lendava, home to the Hungarian minority, there are still some issues with full implementation, the debate heard.

Issues such a lack of bilingual mail notices and bilingual tenders are among the biggest complaints from representatives of the two minorities in the National Assembly.

Hungarian minority MP Laszlo Göncz and Italian minority MP Roberto Battelli also called for the implementation of bilingual forms in the minority areas rather than forms in individual language variants.

The commission additionally concluded that local businesses in the areas need to be called on to fully respect bilingualism rules, which means being able to communicate with clients in Italian or Hungarian.

The debate was held as part of review a 17-point government action plan for bilingualism in minority areas for 2015-2018 that was adopted in July.

Government officials said measures were being implemented as planned.

Responding to complaints about a lack of bilingual mail notices, Justice Ministry State Secretary Tina Brecelj said the relevant regulations had been drafted and were ready for government debate.

In a separate complaint, Alberto Scheriani of the Italian National Community Organisation highlighted the problem of the recently-established Ankaran municipality, which lacks the funding to be able to fund the activities of the local Italian community.

Scheriani said that the state needed to take care of this, having enabled the establishment of the new municipality.


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