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Young Slovenians at London's Largest Art Fair for Independent Artists


The conference will host art academics, business entrepreneurs and the artists themselves, and will include two young artists from Slovenia, Ivona Moro and Lea Jazbec.

Set within the elegance and glamour of MeliĆ” White House, ARTROOMS is an interactive showcase of today's most thought-provoking, mind-bending and awe-inspiring artists, carefully selected from across the globe by a panel of leading industry experts, art critics and buyers.


Among the 73 successful artists from all over the globe who have been given the chance to express their art at the 2016 Show, are two ladies from Slovenia. Ivona Moro, a conceptual artist working with digital based media, will present her art as she strives to "expose the two binary realities, our everyday life and that of error, in order to help define the new reality we are entering".

The work of Lea Jazbec covers a variety of spatial techniques such as drawing, graphics and prints, sculpture photos, video and animation.


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