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Businessman Ivo Boscarol wins Spade of the Year


"It's easier to get Slovenians' forgiveness for thieving than for success. Perhaps also because we've had smuggling in our genes since Martin Krpan. But the fact is that Slovenians will pardon anything but success," Boscarol's winning statement goes.

He referred to a figure from a 1858 tale by Fran Levstik about the strong, but simple Slovenian salt smuggler who saved the Austrian empire from a terrorising Turkish giant.

The winning statement, picked by Večer readers and the wider Slovenian public for the 17th consecutive year, was declared at a ceremony in Maribor last night.

The nationally televised event was moderated by theatre and film actor and stand-up comedian Tadej Toš, and attended by numerous public figures.

Notable previous winners of the Spade of the Year include musician Vlado Kreslin, former Prime Minister Janez Janša, Cardinal Franc Rode, actor Polde Bibič and former Human Rights Ombudsman Matjaž Hanžek.

In recent years, the winning statements mostly came from ordinary people and reflected the problems of the society.


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