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Plečnik House renovation depicted in book, on film


After a thorough renovation, the home of Jože Plečnik (1872-1957) in Karunova Street in the Trnovo borough reopened in September last year, giving visitors a chance to see the authentic home of Slovenia's most celebrated architect.

According to Blaž Peršin, the director of Ljubljana's Galleries and Museums (MGML), the book and documentary chronicle the efforts put into the renovation and their end results. He said that the reopening had attracted thousands of visitors.

The book, titled Plečnik House, is available in Slovenian and English and is set to be translated into German and Italian in the future.

The first part explains the technical aspects of the renovation, which the book's editor Mojca Ferle described as a "detailed story of the Plečnik House accompanied by technical commentary".

The second part recounts Plečnik's personal life. It includes a portrait based on an analysis of his letters, memoirs of his acquaintances, and an account of the friendship between Plečnik and writer Fran Saleški Finžgar.

The book includes never before seen photographs showing Plečnik's quirky and energetic personality, according to Ferle. Readers can also take a look at a series of photographs depicting the newly renovated Plečnik House.

The documentary film The Windows Should Be White, White, Clean was made by photographer Tone Stojko. Along with video material documenting the renovation, the film also includes interviews with those who helped in the process.

Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana Janez Koželj, an architect himself, said the renovation was a "ritual in itself", as an in-depth inspection of the building was necessary to preserve the spirit of Plečnik, but also to give it a contemporary look.

Plečnik's major works include the iconic Triple Bridge, the National and University Library, and the Ljubljana Open Market.

His style is associated with the Vienna Secession movement, a type of Art Nouveau, but he also borrowed elements from classical architecture. His work places him among the most important architects in the world.


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