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Campaign promoting gender equality launched


Stereotypes are still very prominent in Slovenia and while 60 percent of people with tertiary education are women, only ten percent of the 20 biggest companies on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange have female CEOs, a panel to mark the launch heard on Wednesday.

The situation in politics at the national level is somewhat better, as 36 of the 90 MPs are women. However, the state secretary at the ministry, Martina Vuk, attributes the fact to quotas on candidacy lists for parliamentary elections.

Local politics is on the other hand even worse than the corporate sector, as only one in 25 mayors is female.

Vuk noted that stereotyping starts at home and is also evident in the choice of education - with men dominating technical programmes - and in the division of domestic chores.

Stereotypes need to be confronted substantively if "we want to achieve qualitative and not only quantitative change," she said.

The campaign includes a website aimed at debunking stereotypes through an on-line museum that showcases them.

The museum of stereotypes, to which anybody can add an entry, currently includes examples such as women are worse drivers than men, only mothers can attend to children before they go to school, and boys don't cry.


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