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International Carnival in Ptuj


The Carnival is a traditional event in Ptuj, rooted in pagan mysticism with ethnographic characters and topical satirical carnival masks. Every year between Candlemas and Ash Wednesday, there is a season of Pust. Kurent is the most important ethnographic character of pust that chases away the winter and everything that is bad, but attracts spring, happiness and a good harvest.For the residents of the city and its surroundings the masking is a part of their identity, part of a personal mantra, mystical bond and escape from the everyday life.

Carnival is a series of events in three sets Artfest, Etnofest and Karnevalfest. All the life is taking place around the traditional carnival masks and original fantasy characters. Kurentovanje is a unique event with many ethnographic and carnival parades during days and nights, carnival promenade and presentations of ethnographic characters, concerts, dances in masks and much more. Carnival hall, our concert center, invites thousands of masks enjoying their entertainment in rhythms of live music. This year's 56th Kurentovanje will be held from 2 to 9 February 2016.



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