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Ljubljana deemed top recycler among EU capitals, study shows


The Slovenian capital's collection rates of total municipal waste generation amounted to 55,4%, with Tallinn (47,2%) and Helsinki (38,6%) following close behind.

According to Karmenu Vella, the European commissioner for the environment, fisheries and maritime affairs, the study shows that the shift from traditional to a more reasonable separate waste collection can be achieved relatively quickly with no long period of adjustment.

He added that all EU members could embrace a circular economy approach in their waste policies. Separate waste collection is an essential step towards a more sustainable economy and separating between glass, paper, metal, and plastic has become obligatory last year.

The European Commission also proposed more ambitious recycling targets for municipal waste and packaging waste, along with a landfill ban for separately collected paper, metal, glass, plastics, and bio-waste.

According to the study, almost 20% of generated municipal waste is collected separately, with the rest still ending up in the residual waste bin. This results in a huge loss of valuable raw materials.


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