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Lonely Planet places "kurentovanje" among greatest shows on Earth


The kurent is, according to the carnival's main website, one of the most popular and recognised costumes of Slovenian tradition. Its origin is still uncertain, but it is said to come from the pagan god of hedonism Kurent, who chased away the winter and brought spring to the country.

The most distinctive part of the kurent costume is the mask made of textile, leather, and a long red tongue. The kurent is dressed in sheep, rabbit or goat fur.

It also wears a chain, holding five cow bells, which, according to tradition, chase away the winter. The kurent holds a thick staff upholstered with hedgehog skin, called the "jeĹževka".

The Ptuj carnival is visited by 100,000 people each year. This year, it will take place between 2 and 9 February.

On its scale of 101 greatest shows on Earth, Lonely Planet placed the Brazilian carnival in first place, where more than two million people dance the samba through the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Second place was taken by the New Orleans carnival in the US, while the Venetian carnival, known for its distinctive masks, took third place.


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