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Slovenian illustrator honoured by US Society of Illustrators


Sottler's award-winning illustration will be displayed at the Museum of American Illustration from 3 to 27 February as part of the society's annual exhibition Illustrators 58, featuring works by leading contemporary illustrators worldwide selected by a prestigious jury of professionals.

Sottler was praised for her innovative and visually appealing work that mirrors great self-esteem.

Her style is modern but also reflects a great knowing of the history of visual images and the importance of meaning and clarity, Walter King of Columbus College of Art and Design wrote.

Sottler is one of the greatest interpreters of the contemporary art in terms of poetics and vision. Her complex work builds on a cultivated play of associations, metaphors and symbols, according to professor of history of youth literature at the University in Udine Livio Sossi.

Sottler's Eurydice will be exhibited at the society's annual exhibition among the award-winning works in the Book and Editorial Category. The exhibition, featuring 400 artists in total, will be divided in three parts.

Bina Štampe Žmavc's Poem for Lyre was published by Založba Pivec at the end of last year. The poem is a revival of the classic Antique myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.


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