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Philosopher strengthens ties between Ljubljana, Berlin universities


Dolar makes up a third of the world-famous Lacanian trio alongside Alenka Zupančič and Slavoj Žižek, who has only recently held a lecture in Berlin. Their philosophical work links Jacques Lacan's psychoanalysis to classic German philosophy.

Dolar will talk in Berlin as part of the Dahlem Humanities Center (DHC) Lectures, a series of interdisciplinary talks organised by the DHC since 2008.

The University of Ljubljana and the Freie Universität Berlin have signed a while ago a memorandum on cooperation.

The organisers of the lecture see the event as an opportunity to intensify the schools' ties beyond the existing ERASMUS exchange programmes.

Dolar is a professor at the Department of Philosophy at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. His research focuses on psychoanalysis, contemporary French philosophy, classic German philosophy and theory of science.

He often holds lectures at universities across the EU and Europe and has written hundreds of papers.


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