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Slovenia's information society strategy unclear, expert warns


He said the role of IT in society was "completely overlooked and misunderstood".

Špetič said in the debate on regulation of electronic communications hosted by the Citizen D (Državljan D) association that the information society should be viewed as a set of infrastructure, services, and know-how. Defining it simply as a "cluster of cables" or equipment is not enough.

The country's digital champion believes that the approach to creating a development strategy for Slovenia's information society is not proactive enough. According to him, it is more reactive than strategic and its effects should be measured sooner, not with a two-year delay, as they are today.

Dušan Caf, head of the Electronic Communications Council, said that the main problem wasin funding and that Slovenia should have a clearly outlined policy on encouraging companies to make investments in IT infrastructure.

The country should also take charge of the development strategy to provide IT users with access to services, as a large part of the country still does not have proper access to the internet.

"[Slovenia] must encourage competition...It must motivate companies to make investments throughout the country, even in areas where there is no commercial interest."

Caf noticed that part of the problem also lies in the media, which do not pay enough attention to the issue. No in-depth analyses have been carried out, as they are not encouraged and civil society will not take an initiative, he said.

According to him, breakthroughs happen only when you systematically work in a certain area. "Once you lag behind, it is almost impossible to catch up."

Because of its unsuccessful policy and regulation, Slovenia has found itself at the rear of the EU, which is also reflected in the numbers, he added.


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