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Radical take on Macbeth in Ljubljana tonight


Bailey set Shakespeare's tragedy about greed, tyranny and remorse into the Democratic Republic of the Congo amongst the wars for the control of the diamond mines.

In his re-creation of the story of a power-thirsty nobleman and his even more ambitious wife, a theatre troupe in a refugee camp stumbles upon trunks filled with sheet music, costumes and gramophone recordings of Verdi's Macbeth.

Rummaging through the stuff, the amateur actors come up with an idea to stage Macbeth, which they parallel to the situation in their country, torn apart by wars for control of the territory rich in natural resources.

Verdi's original score has been adapted by Belgian composer Fabrizio Cassol for ten South African opera singers and a 12-piece on-stage chamber orchestra.

The show is performed by the Bailey-led avant-garde troupe Third World Bunfight, accompanied by the award-winning trans-Balkan No Borders Orchestra from the former Yugoslavia.

The show will be overtitled in Slovenian and English being that the production is in slang.


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