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Karst half marathon


The course of the 21098 meter long Half Marathon is diverse, not too demanding, entirely an asphalt one. The course starts in the Sežana Sports Park. The run will begin on the streets of Sežana and then turning to the road for Lipica where state border will be crossed. The course leads from Bazovica (Basovizza) to Padriče (Padriciano), Trebče (Trebiciano) and Orlek back to Sežana.

Both courses are circular ones, so that 10 kilometer competitors run a small circle, while 21 kilometer competitors run a larger circle which crosses the state border. The tracks lead through idyllic Karst landscape which makes it also a good promotion for the region. Refreshment stalls along the course provide fruit, drinks, energy drinks, sugar and biscuits for the runners. Music groups and rich accompanying program will make it easier for the runners to handle all the kilometers. Warm-up will be organized for all the runners.

The next marathon will be the 15th Little Karst Marathon. In this time, almost 30.000 runners have participated on the half marathons and recreational runs in Sežana.

Obviously, the first year was the most difficult one due to our inexperience at organizing such an event which has now become a well-known running festival. The start and finish of the first marathon was at a different location and the course was rather rough. In addition to this, runners needed to cross the state border with an identity card.

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