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Ballet dancer Lasan honoured for life work


Lasan received the Lydia Wisiak Award in Maribor on Friday, with the judging panel labelling him one of the "biggest and best Slovenian dancers following World War II".

Lasan has been a member of the Ljubljana SNG theatre ballet ensemble his entire career but has danced on numerous stages across the world.

"All visiting choreographers wanted him in their productions, giving him the most demanding parts because he often complemented their ideas," the panel also said.

Apart from Lasan, the association also honoured Clug for his work over the past three years. He received the Pia and Pino Mlakar Award for his take on Peer Gynt.

The judging panel moreover awarded two Lydia Wisiak Awards for special achievements of the past two years; these went to Japanese dancer Kenta Yamamoto, who has been a member of the Ljubljana SNG theatre since 2010, and his conpatriot Yuya Omaki, who has been with the Maribor SNG theatre since 2011.


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