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French cuisine to be enjoyed in Slovenia


With 12 participating Slovenian restaurants, the project is set to be launched on 21 March, just a day after International Francophonie Day.

The Good France project will take place for the second time, after a very successful try-out period last year, according to French Ambassador to Slovenia Pierre-Francois Mourier.

The project's main idea was to present French cuisine to the world, which was added to UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage in 2010, Mourier added.

Though French cuisine will be in the project's spotlight, chefs will be giving their own twist to French food by using local ingredients.

The project aims to attract at least 1,500 world class chefs and invite several French embassies to participate. These will then host dinners for attendees on the project's launching date. Mourier added that the French diplomatic network is the second largest in the world, as it includes 160 embassies.

Representatives of the 12 participating Slovenian restaurants presented their menus today, which will, among other dishes, include the traditional coq au vin, creamy sorbets, scrumptious creme brulees, famous French cheeses, champagnes, and wines. Five percent of the raised funds will go to one of the local health and environment NGOs.

Jean-Luc Goester, director of the French Institute in Ljubljana, said that several Ljubljana schools will organise various workshops where students can learn about French cuisine. These include the French International School, Secondary School for Catering and Tourism, the Danila Kumar Primary School, and the BeĹžigrad Grammar School.


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