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Infrastructure key in transport, commissioner says


The commissioner underlined that the EU needed projects aiming to optimise transport and logistics, which means that the infrastructure must be upgraded.

The EU is willing to support infrastructure projects but it is essential that member states find synergies and work on projects together, according to Stephane Ouaki of the European Commission's unit responsible for infrastructure investment strategies.

Alberto Cozzi, a project manager at the Central European Initiative, underlined the need to improve infrastructure at the level of trans-European corridors, also those beyond the EU's borders. He illustrated that the failure to fund infrastructural projects in the Balkans also causes problems for Slovenia.

Peter Verlič of Slovenske železnice, the national rail operator, presented the company's infrastructure plans, adding that the firm wanted to become a regional rail operator. Thus, investments worth EUR 150m are planned by 2020.

Williams Todts of the Transport and Environment association warned that the EU had so far failed to do enough to lower emissions. He believes a hike in fuel duties would help reduce the number of lorries on the streets.

Today's conference was labelled a success by Draško Veselinovič, the head of the SBRA, a Brussels-based liaison office for the most successful Slovenian organisations from both the public and private sectors.

The event aimed at presenting the issues faced by the Slovenian transport sector and gain more attention from the decision-makers in Brussels, Veselinovič added.


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