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Banka Koper doubles annual profit


The bank attributed the growth mainly to operating revenue, along with the diligent operating cost management. Net interest declined to EUR 44.1m.

Interest revenue amounted to EUR 56.4m, representing the bulk of the bank's revenue. Net commissions rose 2.5% to EUR 26.5m.

Banka Koper, which folded its Finor leasing subsidiary in October, increased the Tier 1 capital ratio by 1.37 percentage points to 17.64% last year.

Its total assets amounted to EUR 2.27bn at the end of 2015. The market share in terms of total assets rose to 6.15% from 5.9% in 2014.

The bank somewhat increased its market share in loans to the non-banking sector to 6.9%, despite the volume of loans to the non-banking sector falling by 6.7% to EUR 1.62bn in line with market trends.

The market share rose to 7.1% in the segment of legal entities, increasing to 6.6% in the segment of households and sole proprietors as its gross loans to the latter segment increased by 2%.

Deposits by the non-banking sector shrunk by 1.2% but the bank preserved its market share above 7%.

This was mainly due to deposits by households and sole proprietors increasing by EUR 60m to EUR 1.29bn. The bank's market share in the segment rose to 8%.


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