The Slovenia Times

Slovenian prisons still among most overcrowded in Europe


The surveys, which involved 50 prisons in 47 CoE countries, show that there were 1,522 prisoners in Slovenia in 2014 or 74 prisoners per 100,000 citizens. The figure is well below the European average of 124 per 100,000 inhabitants.

However, this index increased in Slovenia by 30% since 2005 (from 57 to 74), the report also shows.

The share of women in Slovenian prisons (5.8%) is slightly higher that the European average (5.6%).

The report also found that the situation has improved since 2011 in European prisons as regards over-crowdedness. Nonetheless 25% of prisons are still filled beyond their capacity.

On average, there were 94 prisoners per 100 places in prisons across Europe in 2014, compared to 2011, when there were 99 per 100 places.

In Slovenia, there were 118 prisoners per 100 places in prisons in 2014 and the situation has worsened compared to 2013, when there were 105 prisoners per 100 places. Only seven other countries have more crowded prisons than Slovenia, the report shows.

Slovenia spends on average EUR 64 per prisoner a day, which is EUR 21 more than the European average. Ukraine has the lowest cost per prisoner at EUR 2.68 a day, compared to Norway, which spends EUR 358 per prisoner.


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