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President and TV host censured for sexist comments


Handing out the Silver Thistle "award" for sexist comments, the Red Dawns festival organisers and feminist publication cited Pahor's statement at the high school graduation parade in May 2015, when he could be heard shouting to students: "Let's get it on, babe".

The president subsequently apologised for the statements which caused public ridicule and criticism, saying that his emotions sometimes get the better of him.

Pesek was selected for the Silver Thistle for requesting from a guest on her current affairs show on public broadcaster RTV Slovenija "to explain it in simple terms, for women".

Among the candidates which were put on the wall of shame put up as part of the Red Dawns was a statement by RTV Slovenija in announcing a new woman host that "she faces a tall order to prove that women can be uncompromising and sharp hosts of such shows, which are mostly hosted by men".

Among the candidates for the award were also director Mitja ńĆander for a statement on the rise of Melania Trump and former editor of gossip magazine Lady for a statement about an up-and-coming singer.

The awards were presented on Tuesday evening as part of celebrations of International Women's Day.


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