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SDS pushing for infrastructure investments


One bill is a wish list that includes several projects which have been mulled for years or are already being implemented, and some that are not yet in the planning stage.

These include the second rail track between Koper and Divača, the rail link between Maribor and the Austrian border, the passenger terminal in Ljubljana, the second tube of the Karavanke tunnel, and completion of the Draženci-Gruškovje motorway.

These projects would have to be completed by 2023. If building permits or zoning laws have not yet been issued, they would have to be completed by 2030, MP Zvonko Černač said.

A second bill would secure extra funding through bonds, dividends from state-owned companies, funds from traffic fines, and a share of excise duty on fuel. Combined with existing funds, this would secure revenue to the tune of half a billion euros per year, Černač said.

The SDS says new funding is crucial given that EU funding for infrastructure projects is much more limited in the 2014-2020 EU budgetary framework.


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