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Certified cash registers cost FURS EUR 1.7m


With the introduction of mandatory tax-certified cash registers FURS put in place an IT system to keep track of businesses and of receipts issued to taxpayers, as well as an analytical system to detect irregularities in the data.

The costs of the IT system were in line with FURS's projections, as EUR 2m was planned to be used to introduce the certified cash registers.

FURS earmarked EUR 124,000 from this budget to be used on a prize game where citizens send ten receipts to FURS after paying for a service or product for a chance to win a prize.

The FURS's report on tax-certified cash registers, which the government debated last Thursday, said about 200 million tax-certified receipts have been issued so far, with more than 50,000 businesses obliged to use the tax-certified registers acquiring almost 67,000 digital certificates without which certified cash registers do not work.

The government planned in the 2016 budget to collect an extra EUR 75 million in taxes as a result of the new system, but Finance Minister DuĊĦan Mramor says the results will not be in before the end of April.

He hopes, however, that the figure will exceed the EUR 75m, which would give his ministry more room for tax restructuring.


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