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New chairman says Adria Airways has bright future


He expects good result for this year and believes that no major changes in the flight network will be made.

Schuster of 4K Invest, who is soon to replace Mark An┼żur at the helm of the company, is convinced that after a EUR 4.1m capital injection was completed last week, Adria Airways had a good foundation for the rest of the year.

"We look actually quite positively into this year, expecting good results," he said, not wanting to comment on the last year's results, which unofficially show a loss measured in millions of euros, as the results have not been audited yet.

Schuster believes that in general, the basic strategy of Adria Airways "seems like a good fit for a regional carrier", and says that at the moment, the new owner does not have any plans yet to make any drastic changes in terms of network.

"We want to grow with our oun existing network and to make it more efficient," he said, adding that 4K Invest will "definitely look at the cost base" but failing to answer directly the question about possible cuts in staff, which stood at 415 in January.

Regarding the strike of Adria Airways pilots, announced for Friday over the failure of the current management to sign a new collective bargaining agreement, Schuster said that "we had very good and very constructive talks with the unions today".

He believes that the trade union will soon announce that the strike has been cancelled.

Schuster admitted that he had no experience in aviation, adding that 4K Invest had experts on corporate restructuring and that human resources within the company would provide know-how in aviation.


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