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Air dome maker Duol continues to grow


The most profitable market for Dual last year was Russia, followed by the Persian Gulf countries and western Europe, according to director DuĊĦan Olaj.

On the other hand, the company saw less sales in the Scandinavian countries due to a "decrease in investments in utility and sport infrastructure".

Olaj hopes that Duol will be able to repeat the 2015 results this year, including with new pilot projects in agriculture in Africa and the company's first project in telecommunications infrastructure.

Set up in 1992, Duol got into the markets of the former Soviet Union by developing an air dome that was suitable for cold Russian winters. It has since developed domes for other extreme climate conditions.

The company is the supplier of the world's second largest air dome. Measuring 15,000 square metres, the dome covers a football stadium and a running track in Kazakhstan.


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